Dr. Sanjay N. Gawale

I/C Principal

Principal Message

Dear Students,
We meet at several occasions, right from admission meetings, fresher parties, classroom meets, sometimes for addressing complaints, at curricular and co-curricular greeting moments, the annual social to farewells and so on. We both learn through these meets and add to each other's experiences. I attempt to share with you my understanding about intelligent, successful and happy life while you tell me what additional can be done for you. You also add new words to my vocabulary and keep me updated and youthful through sustained sharing from you. I express my appreciation for all this, to you.

This is a web meet. An Indirect and a broadcasting meet. In the current IT era such a meet is obvious. In addition to such meets, the era has given many tools like cell phones, social media at our disposal. At this juncture, with reference to these tools, I appeal you for an intelligent and prudent use of the Internet and Communication Technology. To get severally benefitted, you should command the tools and not let the tools to dictate you.

May I share one more crucial advice for a happy and successful life.Be sure that the future world demands professional skills. Young Indians with soft skills in linguistics, IT, counselling and with hard skills like nursing, electronics etc. have a world over call. To respond, acquire and master at least one of such skills along with your current education. Many such courses are waiting for you in the campus

So, be opportunistic and successful.
See you again.