Dear all,
Hearty Greetings to the NES Family. We feel fairly contented that the policy of ‘For the students, of the students and by the students’ led in the year 1965 at the time of institutional establishment is being continued for more than past half centenary. Affixing ourselves with the vision, ‘Converting knowledge into wisdom’, and marching in the light of the mission, ‘To provide study facilities to acquire knowledge of high quality; and to raise self-confidence and courage to face challenges in life’, we at NES, strive for the overall welfare of our students. At present, we offer more than 30 academic programs encompassing humanities, sciences, technologies, skills and services to culture the learners for the multifaceted walks of life. Keeping in touch with the third and technologic generation of learners, the recent introduction of the master’s course in digital business management, the only one in Maharashtra, stands as an example.

          Obviously, the endeavor is more to come. In the upcoming technological era, we must upgrade ourselves in teaching and learning methods, in disciplines we offer and in counselling the students to cope up with both the forthcoming challenges and opportunities. I, with the consent and cooperation of all my governing colleagues, the teaching and non-teaching staff, assure to the parents and the society by large, that we, at NES, will altruistically and solely devote ourselves for the betterment of the student fraternity. The suggestions and support are always a welcome.

Shri. Mangesh S. Tambe

Chairman, Governing Council,
N. E. Society