This department is established in 1965.
English as a major elective since inception.
This is one of the oldest departments in Konkan region.

Our Staff

Mrs. Shilpa J. Sapre Bharmal
H.O.D. and Asst. Professor
Personal Profile

Mr. S.M. Patodkar
Asst. Professor
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Ms. Fatima Parkar
Asst. Professor
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  • To improve the linguistic competence to increase employability of the students
  • To sensitize the students to the development in language studies
  • To develop communication skills of students
  • To inculcate knowledge of English language and literature among the students


  • Major Department with UG and PG courses
  • Well qualified Faculty
  • Teaching Inter-disciplinary (Arts &Commerce faculty including BMS)
  • Translations, Editing, Proof reading work for college and other organizations

Infrastructure and Learning Resources

  • Departmental Library
  • Printed Notes
  • Practice Tests (Especially for last year BA )
  • Question Banks for all the courses
  • Language Lab
  • Films based on the syllabus
  • Academic Ready Reckoner

Future Plans