Infra structural Facilities

Forty three class rooms with adequate seating arrangement and ventilation, fitted with fans and glass black-boards. Public Address system in bigger class rooms.

Seminar Hall

One big seminar hall with a capacity of approximately 400, constructed from past students donations and LCD, OHP and Slide Projectors, Interactive Board, Multimedia facilities like Television, Video Player and sound recording.

Language Laboratory

A separate Laboratory for language students. This will enable the students to learn and improve their language performance to make their communication effective.


E-learning through virtual class room is made available with the help of Ideal Foundation, Mumbai. Various coaching facilities are made available including C.A. Foundation, M.P.S.C. and U.P.S.C. guidance etc.

The knowledge warehouse

The college has a separate three storey building dedicated central library with total area of 620 sq.m.

Rain-fed Agriculture Dept

There is laboratory with water and soil testing facilities.

Meteorological Observatory

Daily recording of Rainfall, (Minimum and Maximum), Humidity and sun time.


Separate gymkhana building. Gymnasium with twelve work- stations. All facilities for indoor and outdoor games, Play ground.

Parking Space

Ample parking space for students bicycle ample parking space for staff Two wheelers with all -weather shade.

Safe Drinking Water

UV treated drinking water with water cooler. Separate arrangements are made for boys and girls.

Common Washroom/Restroom Facility

For male students, a proper sanitation facility is provided in the premises.


For students and staff, canteen is situated adjacent to the playground. Breakfast, tea etc. are made available at subsidies rates in addition to UV treated drinking water.

Post Office

Postal services through post office are available in the new building.


Extension counter of Chiplun Urban Co-Operative Bank is in the new building. This unit helps our staff and students for in-house money transactions.

Hostel Facilities

Separate Boys & Ladies Hostels with various amenities. Students can contact N. E. Society's office for hostel admission. Boys' Hostel having Capacity of 24 students .Boy's hostel's rector is Mr. H. T. Babar Girls' Hostel having Capacity of 46 girl students .Hostel's rector is Mrs. P. P. Kubal


Every student is insured for the sum of Rs. 1,00,000/- by paying annual instalment of Rs. 40/- only. This facility is beneficial for students to meet the expenditure in unfortunate cases of accident. Parents of four students received a help of Rs. 4,00,000/- , on account of sad demise of their wards.

Medical Facility Center

Services of a qualified physician are made available in the health-care center for health related problems of students and staff.

Student Counseling

This helps the students to solve their personal, family and education problems with the help of the department of psychology.

Earn to Learn scheme

Needy students can apply for financial assistance to meet their primary needs. The students are helped to get in-house part time jobs.


College has established close circuit cameras in 28 class rooms including seminar hall, along with speakers in 3 class rooms.

Urine to Urea Project

Urine collected in urinal of boys' toilet is used for the garden in the college after processing.