To provide sports, health, sports education and social activities to the students of D.B.J. College. To train the student for various sports and field activities and enable them to become the sports persons of national and international repute and contribute to nation building.


  • To create & develop suitable sport infrastructure at college level.
  • To organize sport competitions and provide incentives to outstanding sports students.
  • To create sports consciousness among general public.
  • To develop and understanding the importance of sports in the pursuit of the healthy and active life style at college level and beyond.
  • To promote physical, mental, social and emotional health & wellness.
  • To provide employment opportunity through sports.
  • To create awareness about physical fitness.
  • To develop sportsmanship and endurance.
  • To inculcate sportsman spirit in sports personals.


  • Spacious ground for Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Kho-Kho, Hockey, Kabaddi etc.
  • Two Storied Gymkhana Building with total built up area of 1200 sqm. Ground floor is 1000sqm and First floor is 200sqm.
  • Gymkhana building contains 12 stations Gymnasium purchased 10 years ago.
  • Badminton court of cement floor.
  • Three Store rooms
  • Gymkhana building also house facilities for Table-Tennis Court, Badminton, Chess, Carrom and Boxing etc.
  • Gymkhana Equipments
  • Taekwondo Mats
  • Athletics Equipments
  • Extra dressing room near the ground (West Side)

Committee Members

  • Mr. S. S. Waghmode- Convener (Zoology Dept.)
  • Dr. S. J. Sapre-Bharmal- Co- Convener (English Dept.)
  • Mr. G. K. Bramhe- Member (Marathi Dept.)
  • Mr. S. S. Shinde- Member (IT Dept.)
  • Mr. D. T. Kadam- Member (History Dept.)
  • Mrs. C.K. Godave- Member (IT Dept)
  • Mr. T. R. Moholkar- Member (BiotechnologyDept.)
  • Mr. U. P. Mohite- Member (Gymkhana Dept.)
  • Mr. J. A. Kamble- Member (Gymkhana Dept.)
  • Mr. J.V. Lad- Member (Gymkhana Dept.)
  • Mr. M. P. Sakpal- Member (Gymkhana Dept.)
  • Mr. R. S. Kadam- Member (Gymkhana Dept.)