Marathi department is an essential part of our college from the date of the establishment of college in (1965-66). Six professors served as a head of the department. Prof. M. M. Jawdekar was the first head of the department. Department teaches (runs) the syllabus of Marathi language and literature for under graduate and post graduate students. At the same time, department gives the guidance to the students to make them for the employment and research in the subject of language and literature simultaneously. Department guides the students and prepares them from the perspective of M.P.S.C., U.P.S.C. and various competitive exams. ‘The students and teachers are ready for the growth, research of language and literature. From this point of view, department resolves to remain prosperous in future.’

Our Staff

Mr.R. K. Dawane
M. A. M.phil NET
H.O.D. and Asst. Professor
Personal Profile

Mr. G. K. Brahme
Asst. Professor
Personal Profile


  • To cultivate and propagate the Marathi language and literature.
  • To develop overall personality of the students.
  • To develop skills of writing, reading and reviewing.
  • To promote research in Marathi language and literature.
  • To give guideline from the perspective of employment.
  • To achieve growth and publicity-propagation of state language.
  • To provide employment opportunities for the students.
  • To provide employment opportunities for the students.
  • To develop the approach of reviewing and appreciating literature through the reader’s club.
  • To promote Marathi as a vernacular language to counter the onslaught of foreign language like English in this era of Globalization
  • To develop our department as an important centre for teaching and research in Marathi Language and literature and also for comparative studies with other languages like Gujarati and Hindi.


  • Runs the various activities for the growth of Marathi language.
  • Develops communication skills and team work skills through presentations and workshops.
  • Inculcates social sense and awareness from literature.
  • Numbers of research are presented in subject of literature and language.
  • Continuously encourages students to enhance their skills.
  • Follows a student centric approach, thereby empowering students.
  • Most of the teachers are involved in various research activities from the beginning.

Future Plans

  • Promotion of research activities in various areas of Marathi Language and literature.
  • To design and begin certificate and diploma courses.
  • To establish a special study centre for the study of dialects, folk literature and culture in konkan region.

Time Table