The Department of Mathematics, D.B.J. College is one of the youngest Departments in the College. Though Mathematics has been taught to undergraduate students of commerce and science since the conception of the college, Six Units mathematics was introduced only in 2003. With limited resources and a floating staff, the Department has struggled to give its best to the students through its persistent and dedicated efforts. The Department can now boast of students who have scored above 80% marks at T.Y.B.Sc. and have gone ahead to add further laurels by being amongst the toppers in their post graduation studies.

Our Staff

Mr. P. A. Dingankar
M. Sc.
Incharge and Asst. Professor
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Mr. Roshan B. Dafle
M. Sc.
Asst. Professor
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Ms. P. P. Raut
M. Sc.
Asst. Professor
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When the institution was founded fifty years ago in 1965, the department of also came into existence. The subject was initially taught at pre-degree (XI and XII) level for science and commerce. In the subsequent years it was taught at subsidiary level for Bachelor of Science degree course. From 1974, the college became affiliated to the University of Mumbai. From 1974 to1984, the subject was taught only up to second year of the bachelor of science course. Also, during the same period due to changes in the nature of the courses, the subject of Mathematics and statistics became a compulsory subject for the first year of the Bachelor of Commerce course. In the year 1984, three -units Mathematics was introduced at the third year of the Bachelor of Science course but it was subsequently discontinued. Interested students started taking admissions to other colleges which offered six-units Mathematics at degree-level. Considering this, the college again introduced six-units Mathematics at the third year of the Bachelor of Science course in the academic year 2002-2003 and has success fully continued the course till current date..


  • The Department aims at providing quality education of mathematics to students from all sections of society.
  • By using I.C.T. in teaching and by encouraging students to use I.C.T. in their studies, the department wishes to enhance the experience of studying mathematics.
  • By encouraging students to participate actively in activities like Mathematics exhibition, quiz competitions, power-point presentations and Avishkar research festival the Department encourages the students to go beyond the existing syllabus and explore the world of mathematics in greater depth.
  • Students are encouraged to pursue higher education after their graduation.


  • Departmental Library: In addition to the central library of the college, the department has its own departmental library with over a hundred books related to mathematics, some lecture notes and mathematical journals . Students are encouraged to refer to these reference books to get better knowledge of the topics in their syllabus.
  • Provision of syllabus copy to students: Students are provided a copy of the syllabus at the beginning of each year so that they have a good idea whether the expected syllabus is taught in the class.
  • Earlier Question Papers: The Department has a collection of University Question Papers which are made available to the students so that they have a practise of solving papers.
  • Event Management: The mathematics department encourages T,Y,B.Sc. students to organize events like Mathematics exhibition, Quiz competitions, Poster presentations etc. The students make publicity posters and organize the events during the youth week.