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Shri. Shridhar Ramchandra Bhide

Shri. Mangesh S. Tambe
(Jul. 2016 - Onwards)

Shri. Madhav B. Chitale

Shri. Sanjeev C. Khare


The Beginning, In the year 1964, Chiplun was a small town with population of hardly 10,000 to 12,000. It is situated at the foothills of Sahyadri Mountain in Ratnagiri district and known as Parashuram Bhumi. Chiplun had the history of being the trade centre from olden days when most of the trading was done through sea and further material was carried to Karad, Kolhapur etc. by bullock carts along Sahyadri ghats. Chiplun could not maintain its position as an important trade centre when road transportation got more importance. The whole of the Ratnagiri district was notified as backward area.

To start an educational institution under such circumstances was a Herculean task. There was no higher education centre nearby Chiplun. Either students had to go to faraway places like Bombay, Pune, Ratnagiri or to discontinue their education after matriculation. In the year 1964, under the able leadership of late Raosaheb Khatu, some eminent lawyers, doctors and merchants of Chiplun and surrounding area, thought of providing higher education to the underprivileged people of this area. Most of them were members of managing committee of Parashuram Education Society, which was running United English School in Chiplun. But they were unable to collect Rs. 25,000/- security money to start the institution within stipulated time period. The dreame came true when Ms. Manorama Datar, a native of Chiplun encouraged her husband Dr. G. N. Datar, an eminent medical practitioner from Karad to donate Rs. 1 Lac to start Dr. G. N. Datar Science Arts and Commerce College at Chiplun in the year 1965.

To start with, the college was sheltered in two to three rooms of Parashuram Education Society U. E. School. In earlier years, our students were mostly employed and those who had discontinued their education after matriculation hence they used to be from higher age group.

The Aim and Objective of the society:-

Create a stimulating and responsible learning environment in Computer Science field. We are also proactively engaged in creative and athletic pursuits which are mobilized through student clubs and associations compassing diverse activities like IT Quizs, S/W competitions, paper presentations and research.

Distinct Features

  • Imparting literary, scientific, technical and commercial education along with training of teachers in Chiplun and elsewhere.
  • Initially institution was thinking of starting primary schools, high schools in and around Chiplun. P. E. Society and N. E. Society were working hand in hand for the cause of education.

Many of the management members were common and there was an unwritten memorandum of understanding: N. E. Society to concentrate on collegiate and higher education and P. E. Society to concentrate on preprimary, primary and secondary education.


To expose younger generation of our country, particularly of Konkan region to higher education, embodying a literary, scientific , technical, commercial and industrial training. To aspire and strive for excellence in education by developing and sharpening the intellectual and human potential of learners for the good of society and of our stakeholders.


  • To impart quality education through traditional and innovative learning practices.
  • To provide a dynamic and creative academic environment, to tap and nurture talent for the development of professional skills and an all round personality.
  • To inculcate good moral values and a sense of nationalism, in keeping with the glorious heritage of the Institute