Science association gives opportunities for the students to think out of the box. It offers students to promote and expose their ideas. Through the entire academic year science association conducts programs such as lectures of eminent personalities, science exhibitions, study tours, various competitions like essay writing, quiz, power point presentations etc.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To inculcate scientific attitude among the students.
  • To create awareness in latest inventions and discoveries of Science and Technology.
  • To create interest in scientific facts and events.


Various activities conducted every year include

  • Essay Writing Competitions
  • Quiz Competitions
  • Slide ride competitions
  • Science Exhibition
  • Study Tours

Committee members:

  • Mr. V. P. Jadhav (Convener)
  • Miss. R. S. Phatak (C.S.Department)
  • Miss. S. A. Chikate (Physics Department)
  • Miss. S. V. Sawant (I.T.Department)
  • Mr. P. A. Dingankar (Maths.Department)
  • Mr. R. C. Salvi (Zoology Department)