B C Book Bank


Our college conducts various book bank schemes for economically backward and backward class students. They are as follow:

  • DBJ College SC/ST book Bank Scheme
  • “Siddhivinayak Charitable trust” Book Bank Scheme
  • 3. DBJ College book Bank Scheme- A book bank scheme that provides books to the poor and needy students with a fee of 20% usage charge.

Aims and Objectives

  • To distribute books to the needy and deserving students for their academic requirement.
  • 2. To upgrade the level of education of the students by providing them required books for their curricular needs.
  • 3. To provide set of books to the poor and needy students for a year on a nominal charge.


  • 1. It is book bank for the poor and needy students, which helps them to use the required books for a nominal charge.
  • 2. Students get to use their books for the entire year /semester.
  • 3. The amount collected under the scheme is submitted to the office for the next years’ collection.
Under this scheme, books are distributed to the poor and needy students from senior college.
This year Rs. 1,42, 622/- are expended for the purchase of new books in this scheme, and total 880 new textbooks are purchased from this amount. Till the end of January 2018, 1755 books were distributed to 611 students. These books were distributed to the needy students for the period of a year, against the 20% of the book price. An amount of Rs. 52000/- is collected from this scheme and deposited to Students Welfare Scheme of the college.

The Book Distribution Programme to be held at Library on following dates.
Class No. Of Students Benefited Total books distributed
FYBA 30 65
FYBCOM 160 410
FYBSC 51 164
FYCS 36 150
FYIT 59 198
SYBA 10 16
SYBCOM 52 92
SYBSC 16 47
SYCS 50 158
SYIT 47 140
TYBA 05 10
TYBCOM 62 166
TYBSC 33 139
TOTAL 611 1755

The class-wise information regarding the distribution of books is as follows
Date Class Time
10/7/2017 Committee meeting 11.00 am to 12.30 pm
17/7/2017 FYBCOM(A&B) 11.00 am to 1.00 pm
17/7/2017 FYBSC 2.30p.m. to 4.00pm
18/7/2017 FYBCOM(C&D) 11.00 am to 1.00 pm
18/7/2017 TYBSC 2.30p.m. to 4.00pm
19/7/2017 SYBCOM 11.00 am to 1.00 pm
20/7/2017 TYBCOM 11.00 am to 1.00 pm
21/7/2017 FY/TYBA 11.00 am to 1.00 pm
8/9/2017 CS/IT 2.30p.m. to 4.00pm
9/1/2018 Arts 11.00 am to 1.00 pm
9/1/2018 Science 2.30p.m. to 4.00pm
10/1/2018 Commerce 11.00 am to 1.00 pm

Committee members

  • Mr. S. J. Nalawade ( Convenor)
  • Mr. S. K. Namdas
  • Mr. V. P. Jadhav
  • Mr. S. M. Patodkar
  • Mr. V. B. Warang
  • Mr. D. T. Kadam
  • Mr. G. K. Brahme
  • Mrs. D. A. Agawekar
  • Mrs. P. P. Kubal
  • Mrs. A. N. Kelkar
  • Ms. A. A. Kambli
  • Dr. U. D. Suryawanshi
  • Ms. T. A. Memon
  • Ms. P. S. Desai
  • Ms. Sayali Sawant
  • Ms. S. A. Chikate
  • Mr. R. C. Salvi
  • Mr. S. P. More (Librarian)

Earn and Learn


The students in our college are given financial assistance through the students’ welfare schemes. “Earn and Learn scheme” is one of the important schemes in this regard. It is for the students, who want to earn money while they are studying. In this scheme, we provide 2 hours part-time employment to the needy students, in various departments of the college. A record is maintained of his/her work and, at the end of the academic year, some sizable amount is given to them, depending upon on their attendance.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide economic help to the needy students by providing them part-time work in the premises.
  • To utilise the power of youth in various activities of the departments.
  • To upgrade the economic level of the students by providing them necessary work in the Earn & Learn Scheme.
  • To inspire a work culture among the students.


  • Interested and needy students get benefit of this scheme.
  • It makes them self dependent, economically.
  • This scheme is being run from the very inception of the college.

Committee members:

  • Mr. S.J.Nalawade ( Convenor)
  • Mr. S.P. More (Librarian)
  • Mr. S.G. Pawar
  • Mr. A.G. Tandale